Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Philippines auditions are closed for 2017. Please stay tuned for details on2018 auditions

Easiest way to join Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Philippines is via online audition.
We give Filipinos in key regions in Asia a shot at becoming a world singing champion!
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Some Useful Info for Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Philippines Auditions:


This competition is open to Philippine amateur singers, 18 years old and above. Amateur is one whose main profession is not singer, has not had any commercial recording and is not covered by any management contract

Titles at stake will be Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Philippines Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, Social Media Star and Other Special awards for Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Philippines.

Judging Criteria for Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Philippines:

Criteria for national championship is line with the international criteria followed by KWC Country members globally. Judges shall award each performer between 1 and 10 points for each of the following 4 categories:

VOICE: Quality, Mastery, Range, Dynamics and Timbre of Voice

TECHNIQUE: Pitch , Timing, Breathing, Diction, and Overall Skill

ARTISTRY: Expressiveness, Musicality, Lyrical Interest, Individuality, and Song Choice

STAGE PRESENCE: Charisma, Confidence & Appearance, Audience Appeal, Costume Appropriateness

National panel of judges of Karaoke World Championships (KWC) Philippines will be made up of leading personalities in the music industry.

For other queries, email info@kwcphilippines.com

KWC Philippine Mechanics

2 Ways to Join:

1. Online Auditions

  • Contestant can register online on http://www.singingcontestph.com/register-online-for-auditions.php.  Please keep on the look out for our email/text confirmation with further details.
  • Contestant may send their inquiries & application to info@kwcphilippines.com

2. Physical Auditions through:

2.1 Registration via Webpage

Contestant needs to fill in the application via http://www.singingcontestph.com/register-now.php  and choose the audition date.

2.2 Registration via E-mail

Contestant needs to download the application form on http://www.singingcontestph.com/resources/KWC%20Philippines%20Online%20Application%20Form.pdf , fill up the form and email back a scanned/screentshot copy to audition@kwcphilippines.com

Facebook Page Scoring

1. Contestant may record 1 to 2 music videos and upload them in YouTube. We will select the better music video to upload on Facebook.

2.  We will upload the contestant’ video on our KWC Facebook page. Contestants will be tag on their respective Facebook pages. This will be done within 24-48 hours’ time. Once this is done, contestants may invite their families and friends to like (contestant’s video + KWC Facebook page), comment, and share so that contestant can increase their score. The maximum number of likes, comments, and shares all together is 3000. It is very important that all the likes, comments, shares would be done from our Facebook page in order credit the score to the contestant. 

3. Scores will be updated every week Friday.

Schedule of Physical/Offline Auditions:

You may visit us on the following venues for physical audition.

11th September 2017 - 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M

Artist League Manila

Unit 201 #38 A.N.Y. Bldg.,Timog Avenue, QC

Manila, Philippines


13th September 2017


15th September 2017

D' Cup Coffee (Mandaluyong)

17th September 2017

Laguna (Centro Mall) 

***** please check the actual venue address and timing info@kwcphilippines.com *****


I’m Not Happy with my Score!!!

Don’t like your score? no problem you can re-register again up to 3 times in order for us to re-assess your performance. However, your previous Facebook points will be forfeited.

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